Disney Genie 101 for Disneyland

Disney Genie is a new service that is now being offered in Disneyland. This new technology will help manage your dining, experiences, and rides. Disney Genie+ is the paid replacement of MaxPass+. Learn more about these new options and the best way to utilize them in this post. (updated Nov. 30, 2022)

  • Disney Genie – free service with the tip board and customizable itinerary.
  • Disney Genie+ – the paid replacement of FastPass+/MaxPass. $25/ticket/day if purchased in advance. If purchasing day-of, the pricing will vary by date, based on demand. Gives you access to the Lightning Lane at 19 different attractions across both parks.
  • Individual Lightning Lanes (ILL) – these attractions are not included in Disney Genie+. 2 attractions that you can purchase access to the Lightning Lane for an additional fee. 

  • Disney Genie/Genie+ = the service
  • Lightning Lane = the queue
  • The 120 Minute Rule (does not apply to ILLs) – you can book a second Disney Genie+ Lightning Lane pass:
    • As soon as you use the one you have
    • If your window expires
    • 120 minutes from the time you booked that pass
    • …Whichever comes first!
    • Example: If you book a Lightning Lane at 9:15AM for 1:00PM, you can make another selection at 11:15AM (120 minutes after you made the first one).  The 120 minute timer starts after the park has opened.


  • Full Photopass is included with your purchase of Disney Genie+. 
  • You cannot purchase Disney Genie+ or make any reservations until you are in the park so you get to sleep in!
  • With fewer guests purchasing Disney Genie+ in Disneyland, the service can be easier to navigate. 
  • In non-peak seasons you could potentially get on every attraction in one or two days with the help of Disney Genie+!
  • Redemption Recovery passes can work on attractions that don’t normally include a Lightning Lane. 
  • Disney Genie+ can be a nice addition to ease the stress of planning a trip to Disneyland!
  • Disney Genie+ is still a new service and there will likely be many issues that will be worked out over time, including with the standby line.
  • Cast Members will prioritize the Lightning Lane so your greatest chance of waiting in the least amount of lines will be with Disney Genie+.

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