Disney Genie 101 for Walt Disney World

Disney Genie debuted at Walt Disney World in October 2021. I have tested and used the system several times and have some pro tips that you will find helpful for your next trip and it’s all included in this post! (updated Nov. 29, 2022)

Disney Genie is a complimentary service that helps create your perfect Disney day. You can let it know what your priorities for attractions and dining are as well as your interests and it will create a customizable itinerary for you. Your top picks will be pinned at the top of your Tip Board so they are easy to get to.

Disney Genie+ is the paid replacement of FastPass and the cost varies between $15-$29/ticket/day. Purchasing this gives you access to the Lightning Lane at more than 40 different attractions across all four parks.

Individual Lightning Lanes (ILL) are pay per ride at an additional fee. There is one ILL in each park and they are not included in Disney Genie+. ILL’s in each park are:

  • Magic Kingdom: Seven Dwarfs Mine Train
  • Epcot: Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind
  • Hollywood Studios: Rise of the Resistance
  • Animal Kingdom: Flight of Passage

To make things simple, Disney Genie / Disney Genie+ is the service. Lightning Lane is the physical queue.

Everyone can book their first Genie+ attraction starting at 7AM. Genie+ can be purchased at midnight on the day of your Park Pass reservation. It’s best to have it bought before 7AM so you can start booking attractions as soon as possible. Disney Resort hotel Guests can book their first Individual Lightning Lane at 7AM. Non-Resort Guests can book their first Individual Lightning Lane at park open. Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance usually sells out before Non-Resort Guests have a chance to purchase. 

The 120 minute rule (this does not apply to ILL’s). You can book a second Genie+ Lightning Lane Pass:

  • As soon as you use the one you have
  • If your window expires
  • 120 minutes from the time you booked that pass
  • Whichever comes first!

The 120 minute rule doesn’t go into effect until the park opens. For example: if you book Slinky Dog Dash at 7AM for 12PM and the park opens at 9AM, you’ll be able to book another Lightning Lane at 11AM.


  • Disney Genie+ is going to help you avoid long lines in all four theme parks, but if you’re on a budget, I recommend it most highly for Hollywood Studios and Magic Kingdom.
  • Get to the park early regardless of whether you’ve purchased Genie+ or not. Even with Genie+, it’s important to arrive early and prioritize those big attractions.
  • Have a plan for when you activate the 120 minute rule and set an alarm for when your 120 minute are done!
  • Prioritize using Genie+ for the popular rides. 
  • Use standby for the shows. 
  • The size of your party won’t matter when booking Lightning Lanes. 
  • Disney Genie+ is still a new service and there will likely be many issues that will be worked out over time, including with the standby line.
  • Cast Members will prioritize the Lightning Lane so your greatest chance of waiting in the least amount of lines will be with Disney Genie+. 
  • If at first you don’t succeed… keep refreshing! If you don’t see a time that you want, keep refreshing your screen and new times can pop up. Use transportation and line times to refresh. 
  • Book your next attraction after scanning in at the second touch point.
  • With Genie+ attractions, you are booking the next available time so you are unable to choose when you would like to ride.
  • You can customize who is riding what attraction. Not everyone in your party has to hold the same Lightning Lane at the same time.
  • Which Disney Genie+ selections should I make first?
    • Magic Kingdom: Jungle Cruise or Peter Pan’s Flight
    • Epcot: Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure or Frozen Ever After
    • Hollywood Studios: Slinky Dog Dash or Tower of Terror
    • Animal Kingdom: Na’Vi River Journey or Kilimanjaro Safaris

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